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With spiritual practice she was able to come out of it.

Alison shares with us her transformation from anxiety attacks to mental well-being.

During this time, the frequency and duration of my anxiety attacks increased and it would heighten before school tests, in social settings and before I was about to play a game.

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To sign up for CBT webinars, visit the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists. You could employ some of the same strategies with your own anxiety issues.

“Anxiety needs to be treated with some humor,” he says.

Any disaster being shown on television, such as a natural calamity or a documentary on a nuclear war, would send me spiralling into a state of depression.

I would obsess for weeks about the visuals, imagining myself to be in the midst of that disaster and life as I knew it changing for the worse forever.

So how can you beat back the demons and learn to chill out? There’s not much that ails you that exercise won’t help fix, and anxiety is no exception. Breathing may be something you take for granted, but concentrating on it and taking it slow can help bring your body back into balance and calm you down.