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I remember in the begining, being so excited when I recieved Dataease on a few 5 1/4 floppy disks to be installed on a 286 amstrad, and when I brought them home to show my wife. Learn something new every day in the wonderful world that Microsoft has created for us ;-)Download: I have been using Data Ease for the last 25 years. I did have a rough ride with the windows versions, and many times I was on the verge of quitting completely, and migrate to other products .I was always hoping that something happens. There are more new features and functionality than I can ever remember. I have rediscovered the joy of developing using Data Ease . So yes I am sure that there is a bright future Download: Hi Alex, and thanks for taking the time to write on the forum.I can remember the next day going into work with a wet floppy as my daughter had chucked one in a bath of soapy water, leaving it in a warm place to dry out----- yes it worked it was like dataease of old it bloody worked, sometimes with a wee bit of help. To pick up the Data Ease "baton" is not something one do lightly.

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We believe that the simple philosophy that Data Ease was originally built on is unique in this industry, and that our industry would be richer if these values was rescued and moved forward in future products. There is a lot of sore feelings out there, and as much as we sympathise, we have to accept that the majority of our original user base has left us, and that if we want to succeed in the future, Data Ease need to be geared towards the next generation.

We believe that Data Ease as a concept and idea, will work as well in 2012, 2022, 2032...

Download: Is it too late to back the new Dataease ?

The onset of the 80's brought financial security to dataease developers trainers and the like as they invested in its secure ease of use deployment, with functionality.

The new milenium brought with it a fierce challenge of Windows, Internet and less money in the budgets of IT departments that were being outsourced by the thousands. Could I as a developer say Dataease could handle the challange ? A proof of its power is the website itself completely developed in DG3.


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