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persona, and his "will they/won't they" relationship with Ziva later became popular among viewers.By 2011, Weatherly was listed among the top 10 most popular actors on primetime television, according to Q Score.I first met him in Australia, where he was doing the Natalie Wood story, and he was playing RJ.

You know, I'll meet him when he comes back to the States. I just don't have the time.' I received a phone call from Michael, and Michael knows how to flatter you. I....' And then he started telling me all the things he knew about Magnum, P. And I said, 'Look, if you want to go to dinner with me and my wife and two of my boys, you're welcome.' Well, that ended up to be a three hour dinner. I liked him so much that I cast him in the show after that meeting." On another occasion, Bellisario stated, "I can't say enough about Michael Weatherly...

He started out on NCIS [playing] a character who was just very unlikable to some women because he was just such a chauvinist, and he has gradually over the [seasons] changed.

Aside from the odd comment or casual reference, Tony rarely mentioned his parents until Season 7, when Di Nozzo Senior makes his first appearance.

In "Sins of the Father", he admits to Gibbs that, although his dad still "makes [him] crazy", he still loves him but has been unable to tell his dad so. helps Gibbs with a case by using his contacts and going undercover with Ziva at a hotel party.

Michael Weatherly was cast for the role of Tony Di Nozzo in 2003.