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), and particularly Sarah Warn, who did a fantastic job of curating and promoting lesbian-oriented series.

The blog ‘s article on gay programming, click here.

Chanler-Berat also played the part of Michael in a concert presentation of FALLOUT at Feinstein's/54 Below on February 9, 2016.


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    At the time we were dating, I didn’t take his remarks to be demeaning. I wanted them to uplift me, make me want to strive to be better, not just when it came to looks, but also when it came to other facets of life.

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    For them, games can become art when they assume serious purposes, when they become meaningful activities, when our best artists build games, when we perfect the artificial intelligence, in short, when hell freezes over.”Kelman argues that videogames are art in all their forms, simple or complex, as game designers are gifted craftsmen who construct compelling and visually fascinating worlds deploying skills which we would see as artful if applied in any other context, and that video games are also constructing meaningful experiences which tap deep chords within our culture, in part because they are carrying on timeless functions previously associated with myths and legends.