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So you wanna go in there right now let's do -- thing I. LB my boyfriend told me yesterday he hates the way I spell things in tax. Your guy gets out he's got a full day of work ahead of them he works is is is bag off Oreo. Alone the only after -- rates generally don't actually my Bud's talked to both spirited out go to the backs. I mean everything is abbreviated announced a brighter here and -- -- even not even dries me crazier than the single K. And I'm I'm I'm I'm really concerned about this child. And is mumbling up is where -- have a I doubt the ball short -- doesn't speak through his short -- well Jimmy obviously sunny underwear in -- -- like the underwear again and you know it is just -- didn't need anybody.

Can't stand it tons of exclamation points Andy papers trying to figure out what abbreviations. What should I do about this court Jackson him lightly and I could just. Well someone can't be bothered to -- OK what about they big K little KK okay what does that mean. He's gonna get a single and with the kid she says she took a chance -- this guy -- -- mainland -- kid and now she's like -- now that's that I can't let it around.

I did the best out of those are tough ones I have been to bite marks.

Like -- you know the girls like to bite the lippold a little bit. Have a session with the with the lights out I'll have him and haven't spank you -- a good ideas you -- back to -- -- can you needed 24 hour -- that's that's exactly what you gonna do it.

That my husband has sent flowers to a woman he works with several times. I think of course I think you'd be he's got to have some street credit -- wanna saunter out on the beach and under rodeo and -- that he's so bombed out and and Dana you know hit the hit that hit the gym Wear whatever you want -- first world. Happily married I can quarterly haven't got a crush on you know I think I think you're still high and let your voice -- -- -- about -- and you're on them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and great time commercial.