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Under nominal Serbian rule since the 7th century (having been allowed to settle in Byzantium by its emperor Heraclius after their victory over the Avars),[5] through early history various parts of the territory of modern Serbia have been claimed or ruled by: the Roman Empire (conquered the indigenous Celts and Illyrians); the Western- and the Eastern Roman Empires (challenged by the incursions of the Huns, the Ostrogoths, the Gepidae, the Sarmatians, the Avars, the Serbs, the Frankish Kingdom, the Great Moravia, the Bulgarians).

No less than 17 Roman Emperors were born in Serbia.[6] Medieval Serb kingdoms and the Empire Serbian knight armor, around 1440, Military Museum (Belgrade)Serbs formed their first unified state under the Vlastimirovic dynasty by 812, at times disrupted by the wars with the aforementioned states.

The Carpathians meet the Balkan Mountains, following the course of Velika Morava, a 500 km long (partially navigable) river.

Midžor peak is the highest point in Eastern Serbia at 2156 m.

Golubac fortress overlooking the Danube river As a result of internal struggle between rival noble families, and heavy losses inflicted by the Ottomans in the epic Battle of Kosovo, the Serbian Empire had dissolved into many statelets by the beginning of the 15th century.


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