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If you can build in a condition based trigger system you’ll make a lot of people happy And it would be nice to see the location of the visitor… One thing I wondered is if you could make it recognise a Gravity form for the input when chat is offline?

I use your other plugin Estimation Form and you did make that work with Gravity Basically I would just like to have all forms managed via Gravity as this also gives me extra functionality capabilities and I can achieve a consistent notification and tracking process – you would be my Hero if you did ha ha Hello, Thank you very much !

I tried adding it to a button shortcode but I think that isnt correct as not working. Also, is it possible to autotrigger a chat invite to a user?

For example, if someone is on a checkout page, or a specific product page, for longer than X minutes, would it be possible to auto-invite them to chat? Hey there, we seem to have issues since the update.

open visual basic and create a Standard EXE I'm using visual studio 2013. Okay now see my tutorial: You need to host the main IP on ur net or it should be a VPS in which u open a port or you port forward the port the chat will listen to.