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In her debut series, Kristen spoke of refusing her husband sex until he had a vasectomy, and also a 'barter system' involving sex acts.

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Last week beleaguered reality TV star Josh Duggar was revealed to be among the site's users.

The disgraced 19 Kids and Counting star was exposed not only for having looked for an extramarital affair on the site but also allegedly creating a phony Facebook account to connect with strippers and lingerie models – all while working for a lobby that preached strict Christian morals.

Registered: An apartment block in this Tribeca Street was where the credit card used by Ashley Madison user [email protected], who also used the email Sean [email protected], was registered in the name of Josh Taekman.

The Taekmans live at the same two bedroom rental apartment The so-called Smithson has only 32 friends but nearly all of them are women, including scantily clad strippers and lingerie models in Arkansas where Duggar lived before moving to Washington DC to work in politics.

I explained to Tamara that my 17 year old son would work with her daughter and I went over exactly what the plan would be. Miami is now a fully accredited, K-12 private school with an enrollment of 80 students.