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This usually involves one perpetrator who has inappropriate power or control over a young person, such as being physically older, stronger or wealthier or in a position of power e.g. This person will be having some form of a sexual relationship with the young person.

This can include familial abuse where a family member is exploiting their child, sibling for some ‘gain’, including third party gain.

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Children and young people can be groomed on-line by sexual perpetrators and manipulated and coerced to meet up secretly, or images can be screen-shot and saved to blackmail young people, which can be frightening and intimidating.

The risk of boys becoming victims of sexual exploitation by both male and female offenders is underestimated and less well understood than those relating to girls and young women.

Young males may be forced to have sex with older women or women of similar ages in order to prove masculinity or with adult males as a form of punishment.

Both genders may drug run for the gang and this can involve ‘plugging’ where by substances are transported in their anus.

It has been found that the retrieval of substances can be sexually humiliating.


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