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Some desperate changes are needed at the African Union for the continental body to face the future.Given the serious divisions and difficulties, will this be possible? After an absence of over a decade from the continent’s premier tournament, Zimbabwe’s national team, the Warriors, returned to this year’s AFCON.

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The great thing about that was that there was a lot of input from the other women as Madam Butterfly responded, so each question opened up a discussion.

I have been in few situations in Nigeria where I was surrounded by women speaking as frankly about sex.

Fungai Machirori looks back at football’s legacy in Zimbabwe and the metaphor it inspires – that of ‘a dream deferred’ “Is this one of your daughter’s friends?

” I overheard a woman I did not know ask in a language I only vaguely understand.

To the woman’s relief, her interlocutor, let’s call her Auntie Ama, responded “No.” “Good, because we do not want her kind here,” the woman said.