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So no, of course you’re not bulimic or anorexic, as those are two conditions at the extreme of the eating disorder spectrum.

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And that you don’t feature on that spectrum at all? And I also know I am not the only woman over 40 to have had an unhealthy obsession with food pretty much all my adult life, without ever defining it as a condition. This was achieved by living off white wine spritzers, toast and little else.

In fact, I’d go as far as to suggest most of us have a disordered relationship with food — we’d just never admit it. In my 30s, after I had my son, now aged 19, I ballooned to a size 24.

But this was just a ruse so she could binge on fast food on the way home, where she would share a healthy meal with her family.

She was eating twice, but only being seen to eat once.

Or cut out whole food groups in pursuit of clearer skin, a flatter stomach or smaller behind.


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