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I also tried setting file permissions (with ES) to what they were by default before overwriting and to what you stated in your replay, but all for naught.Once I restart viber it will simply show no messages and no groups. I tried opening these recovered databases in SQLite browser and it appears there are no messages in the corresponding database.In addition, if you want to have all photos and videos from your conversations, you must migrate them too.

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Since Viber currently doesn't offer backup and restore functionality, I resorted to using Titanium Backup for transferring message history to a new phone.

However, after the restore, when launching viber, the message history appears for a second and then the activation screen pops up for confirming the new device -- and after the device is confirmed (via incoming call or sms), all the history vanishes! I don't use the app but I suspect you're able to see that confirmation because after restoring the app data the account wasn't restored explicitly.

It costs $19 but I guess it’s the only tool to transfer Viber messages from one phone to another (Android to Android and i Phone to i Phone) because on Google I found 3-4 websites that are talking about this tool.

Free version lets you transfer only 20 messages which is kind of useless.

It worked and I could transfer 20 Viber messages with attachments to my S7 edge. I just ignored these, followed the instructions as stated, and it worked fine. I ran these without sudo, so long as you own the directory you're saving backups to it should work. These instructions didn't seem to work for me, after some testing and realizing the way the "tar" created the tar archive threw Backup Manager Service off giving "