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Been a menber for years, Just talked my Lady into participating and now we both Love it! My only suggestion would be to give your paid members control over their submissions. I'm taking dick pics everywhere, subs up one day and deleted the next.

Could help membership drives and encourage more submissions.

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Just a wild hair thought, Thanks - Sig P220That my friend is an awesome idea ... The only thing is, what if a submitter does reply to the comments but only gets one day at the end of the week to respond? - Blake 7th Feb 2017 - a belated 'Happy New Year' to Raven, Blake and the staff of the best site on the internet.

I am a 'lifetime member' and have been coming here since 2002. - pappalonghair2nd Feb 2017 - Hello Blake, Raven and Watchers Crew. And yes, thats an awesome idea, it's been spoken about before but if we give people control the sites will be a mess.

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