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Initially, this technology was solely available from PC to PC, using webcams and microphones to collect the video and audio and transmit them to the other user.However, the market for smartphones developed rapidly and became dependent on a regular internet connection, so it became increasingly apparent that smartphone users could also access these Vo IP services.

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Since the launch of Voice of Internet Protocol (Vo IP), long distance phone calls have been made possible with the peace of mind that you can stay close to friends and family without creating massive phone bills.

Contacting family members on the other side of the world used to cost a fortune but great strides have been made in the world of Vo IP technology to make things so much more cost effective.

The reason some Vo IP services advertise call rates is not because they charge that for every Vo IP call, but simply to indicate to users that if they make a call that cannot be connected using Vo IP technology, then they will have to pay that rate for the part of the call that is connected in another way.

Given that Vo IP technology has opened the way for free communication across the globe, the next question has to be whether enough people in Africa have access to a PC or smartphone in order to make using these services worthwhile. In terms of PC, smartphone sales and the development of the Internet and 3G services, Africa is very much an emerging yet booming market, with sales increasing rapidly.

In short, Vo IP is without doubt a great way for any user with a smartphone or tablet to make cheap, frequent calls to contacts in Africa.