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We all call it May 2-4 Weekend, because that is exactly what we do. Being born in Alberta, Canada my parents often talked about Chinooks blowing in and how nice it was. It is needed because Alberta can be extremely cold. We call them Smarties and we like to eat the red ones last. Grab a 2-4 of beer and go to the cottage to work on our “Molson Muscle.” A Molson Muscle is our endearing term for the beer bellies we have developed over years of drinking Molson Canadian Beer. My mom and dad love to tell the story of a pair of boots that my grandmother sent to them to keep warm in the winter. Canadians call our Candy Bars Chocolate Bars and I like it. Chocolate, therefore they should be called chocolate bars. A very typical Canadian chocolate bar is a coffee crisp. This is what we Canadians call our Backpack or Rucksack. All through my school years I would pack my Knapsack with my schoolbooks. If I hear one more person say “Oh your Canadian, do you go oot and aboot? The release of the figures comes days after a Plymouth nursery school worker, Vanessa George – together with Angela Allen from Nottingham and Colin Blanchard from Rochdale – pleaded guilty to sexually abusing young children.

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Well, my dad wore them out on one cattle drive and it was so cold that his boots cracked right open and shattered. We have a commercial where the announcer asks, “How do you like your coffee? When I first started traveling 10 years ago, I said to myself, “Well, I better buy a new Knapsack to carry everything.” I now use the term Backpack more often but I haven’t been able to say the term Rucksack, it is just odd to me.

If you think these statistics are wrong, just watch the American TV show The Oprah Winfrey Show Lisa Ling Interview of a woman who sexually molested /raped over 100 children by her own admission and only got charged on 15 counts.

We kissed her body, stroking it, and suddenly I realized that I want only one thing – to get to the rebellious again clitoris.