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No matter if your reasons are passing a drug test, or if you simply want to know how to get THC out of your system fast to become clean and free of toxins..

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Although stored to a degree in organs such as the heart, brain and liver, the fact that the metabolites of marijuana are mainly stored in fat cells is what allows them to be detected for so long after use.

That is, if no steps towards detoxing THC are taken.

THC-COOH is the main metabolite and is stored in fat cells of your body.

THC and its chemical residues are also the targets when detoxing from weed.

THC and its metabolites, like most medicines, have a half life in the body (of 1 to 2 weeks). give a positive result if the concentration is above 50ng/m L, although some labs do use 20ng/m L as the cut-off point, which makes a pretty huge difference, allowing less than half the concentration compared to the most common test.