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At the curb near baggage claim, Sheila squeals when she sees Britney and Philip coming. Britney quickly tosses her luggage in the trunk and says she's ready to go.She tells her mom she's starving, and that she wants to get Italian food.

She knows Wendell won't walk their daughter down the aisle. He won't see Britney wear the wedding dress she picked out after shopping at stores in three states.

This bittersweet blend of joy and heartache is all too common at the world's busiest airport, where moments of love and loss are carried like precious cargo and unwieldy baggage.

"I've always liked to talk to people and make them feel good," Simmons says.

Simmons stayed two hours after her shift ended yesterday to talk to a guy going through a divorce. Shannon Nevin laughs and plays with her two stuffed animals, a pink Peppa Pig and Rory the Tiger. The 4-year-old is the only one in her family full of energy after an overseas flight, and she's ready for the next leg, to Savannah, Georgia.

"He seemed sad at first but then he relaxed," she says. He's supposed to call her in a couple of weeks to let her know if his divorce goes through. The family is making a return trip to the Isle of Hope.