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The focus right now is on keeping the site and its features fresh, and working out what the right mix of offerings are. Without describing exactly how to use the site, many users have found their own special way of navigating this social wilderness. Sometimes, the luck of the draw gets you a parade of body parts in your chat window but you could also potentially be serenaded, sketched or read poetry to by strangers.

Once Ternovskiy figures out the right formula that will keep people coming back for more, businesses and advertisers will work around it. Some treat it like a game, some enjoy the idea of being voyeurs into strangers’ bedrooms and yet there are others who think it is a dating service. Once you dive in, there’s no way to manage the experience – you can’t filter users, search for friends, or backtrack and reconnect with someone you chatted with an hour ago.

The phenomenon, known as Chatroulette, was bizarre, often sexually explicit, and always fascinating. I gave an interview to The New York Times, and I wrote back to Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, who invited me to come to New York. I don't know how much money they would have given me if I'd said yes.

Within a matter of months, Chatroulette had tens of thousands of daily users and was a media sensation in the U. What no one knew was that its founder was a 17-year-old video game aficionado named Andrey Ternovskiy, who lived with his parents in Moscow. He talked to somebody in the United States embassy, so I didn't have to wait in line for a visa.

To date, more than 30 million unique users have visited the site and celebrities such as Katy Perry, Ben Folds and Kate Moss have reportedly been sighted on it. The founders of You Tube and Facebook didn’t sit around building business plans, they simply unleashed their ideas on the general public.