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The plane never made it to Miami because two men hijacked the airplane and demanded passage to Cuba—but some of the passengers, having spotted Funt, took the whole thing to be a stunt.

On February 2, 1969, Funt, his wife, and his two youngest children boarded Eastern Airlines Flight 7 in Newark with a destination of Miami.

It was a common trope that people like Johnny Carson and the Monty Python guys used regularly. I’ve added not one but two Monty Python hijacking sketches; they’re at the end of this post.

Here’s the text of that article, which was written by Funt himself and appeared in many newspapers, including the Hijack No Stunt By Allen Funt When the captain of our plane announced that we were going to Havana instead of Miami, at least four people who recognized me pounced on me, certain that it was a Candid Camera stunt. There was a little fat man with a 10-inch knife held at the neck of a stewardess and he was not smiling.

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