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Readers of Tibetan might like to check this at the online resources of the Universities of Virginia or Vienna. * * * There are also, though somewhat hidden in translation, quite a few in the terminology between Tibetan Chan and Dzogchen texts.Looking back to the teaching attributed to Haklenayaśas, we see the key term “vivid awareness” plays a key role.Now the Tibetan term behind this is is specific to literature translated from Chinese, and original Tibetan Chan texts based on that literature.

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That is to say, Chan is a tradition in dialogue with the sutras, while Dzogchen is in dialogue with the tantras.

Though nobody (with the notable exception of Jeffrey Broughton) has recently gone into print trying to prove that Dzogchen came from Chan, the idea hasn’t gone away.

Премьера картины ожидается в начале 2017 года.62-летний Джеки Чан — один из самых популярных актеров боевиков в мире. Чан известен по таким лентам, как «Пьяный мастер», «Змея в тени орла», «Доспехи бога», «Час пик» и «Вокруг света за 80 дней».

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Partly, I’ve left the question alone because it doesn’t seem that interesting to me.