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The strategy of the original plan called for these five and two-thirds divisions to march from the Arabian Gulf to the Zagros Mountains and prevent the Red Army from seizing the oil fields of Iran. In his FY 1990 Annual Report to the Congress, Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci defined maintaining access to regional oil supplies and promoting the security and stability of friendly states to be US regional goals in SWA.

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In April, CENTCOM planners were directed to drop the country's identifications in their planning documents and to substitute the less politically sensitive color codes of RED (Iraq), ORANGE (Iran), and YELLOW (People's Democratic Republic of Yemen).

CENTCOM draft OPLAN 1002-90 (Defense of the Arabian Peninsula) had the highest CENTCOM planning priority in the Spring of 1990.

In October 1989 the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) had directed that a major revision of this plan be prepared, with Iraq as the opponent.

In January 1990 the Secretary of Defense's guidance made the US central objective for SWA the prevention of a hostile power from gaining control over a share of oil supplies or shipment routes sufficient to provide it with leverage over the US and its allies. response to the potential danger would require a significantly larger and heavier force than had been anticipated.

Through the end of the Cold War the CENTCOM operation plan OPLAN 1002 involved Iran.